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August 3, 2010

The Failed Jubi Show 8/3/2010

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We tried to go live. It was a failure. The equipment broke, & our show with it. Now I’m so mad about it I’m leaving town for one week. And then next week Jake is so mad about it he’s leaving town. The week after that we’ll be back. That’s the plan anyway. See you Tuesday August 24th maybe! (Happy 8-9-10!!!)


UPDATE: 8/25/10!!! We did not have a new episode last night! Jake was like, “I don’t feel like it!” and I was like, “Yeah I don’t feel like being alive but what’s to be done about it??” and he was all, “That doesn’t even make sense! I am never going to do a new episode tonight!” and I screamed & hung up the cellular phone. Maybe next week? Jake said, yes, next week, but we all know how that goes!

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