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February 2, 2010

The Official Jubi Hiatus Contract Renegotiation Post

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[ALERT!!! ALERT!!!! ******THIS POST MAY CONTAIN LOST SPOILERS!!********************2]

As you may know, we will not be having a show for quite some time. Possibly 1 week, to 2, to possibly as many as 8 or 12! We will keep this post updated to let you know when there will actually be a for real new show.

2/2/10 – Sorry, no new show tonight!
2/9/10 – There will be no new Jubi Show tonight! But tune into abc at 9/8central for a brand new episode of the hit television series LOST! Is Jacob coming back to life?? What the hell’s going on with the whole “dual realities” shtick??

Updated update!!! Tonight’s Jubi Show rerun here in Iowa City will be Season One, Episode Two: ‘Unplugged, Bored & Tired.’ One of our all-time favorites of all time! If you’re not local, just go to our web archives, find Episode 2, and watch right along like as if it was LIVE TV VISION!!!

2/16/10 – There was no new episode of the Jubi Show tonight! There WAS, however, a new episode of LOST on abc, 9/8 central! It was awesome! It was totally my favorite episode of LOST so far this season! If you didn’t watch, sheesh– you really missed out! I mean, wow! LOST! Whew!

2/23/10 – Another great episode of LOST tonight! Really killer stuff! I declare this the best stretch of Not-Doing-The-Jubi-Show ever!!! xxxooo

3/4/10 – There was no new Jubi again — duh! In case you haven’t noticed the pattern: as long as Lost keeps cranking out new hot rocks every week, Jubi takes a back seat. Actually, Jubi doesn’t even get to ride in the same car, it has to sit & wait on the curb.

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