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July 30, 2007

We’re Still Around

Filed under: Maintenance — Hans @ 10:22 am

It is just that I have not been available for web-related activities, and other jubinauts seem uninterested in posting their own musings.

Such is the folly of vacationings. Thursday we shall return to our relatively unscheduled programming.

Until then, kill time over at xkcd. A sample of the wares:

July 13, 2007

Season 1 – Episode 5 – Cardboard is the Great Social Equalizer

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Google Video Version

Special Guests: Banjo Critic and Ed Barnbum
Here’s Ed’s inspiration.
Which as it turns out is a hoax. Poor Ed.

Here’s the petfinder emails.

Banjo Critic Songs coming soon. 3/11/08 – Wow, really need to get on that…

July 9, 2007

Do real people visit this website?

Filed under: Maintenance — Hans @ 10:39 am

I am just curious as to usage. If people with feelings and brains are showing up, as opposed to the heartless search-engine bots, I’ll pay a bit more attention to content…right now it’s a bit of a hodgepodge.

Leave a comment if you have the time.

And just in case you love the intro:

July 6, 2007

Season 1 – Episode 4 – All Joke Episode

Filed under: Episodes,Season 1 — Epsiodes @ 3:01 pm

Just a placeholder for the moment while Google re-encodes my encode.In the meantime, I know something that would amuse Jake, so you can amuse it too: Kirk vs Picard, with Wil Wheaton!

Google Video Version

Error or Inevitability?

Filed under: Trivia — Hans @ 11:35 am

While preparing to release Episode 4, I came across some astonishing numbers in the Google Video ‘Reports’ section:

74 downloads yesterday?

We either have accomplished a marketing coup [without trying] OR succeeded in befuddling the Google bean counters. Either way, we win!

So, please keep inflating our numbers! And remember, sponsors are real, true friends.

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