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August 30, 2007

Season 1 – Episode 10 – Live and Local With Jive and Jokel

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Have any topics you’d like discussed on the Jubi Show this evening? Please post them in the comments!

Well, one person submitted one, and we didn’t even get to it. Callers kept us from sticking to the rundown, but such is this fine, upstanding young show. Sorry California Liz, we’ll try and work it into the next show.

Google’s doing it’s thing, will post when I can. If not done in a timely manner, you can view the Jubi Show episode list and pick it out of there.

You like to watch don’t you.

Google Video Version

August 24, 2007

Season 1 – Episode 9 – Follow the Bucket!

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Still encoding the episode, so going to be a bit before its available. But I wanted to put up the info for Ozark Cousins [the movie trailer shown during the show] in case anyone was interested. It’s difficult [in our ‘format’] to get all the info out there in a coherent manner during the show, so I hope that this will help those who liked the trailer:

From Harmony Joyride Productions

After months of riding and roping, Ozark Cousins, the movie named after the album, named after the band, will have its world premiere on August 25h at 9pm! Can I get a “hells yeah!”? OK, a howdy will do. The flick is showing at Elegant Mr. Gallery in Chicago. The night is BYOB. Since it’s a cowboy movie that also stands for “Bring Your Own Boots.”

Download the entire album free @


Google Video Version

August 17, 2007

Season 1 – Episode 8 – Hi Stacy

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The DVD recorder at PATV decided to crap out during the episode, so I have to transfer from the DV tape. Adds a little extra time to getting it to the web. Episode should be available Saturday evening or Sunday when I damn well say it is.

I know you are all grinding and gnashing teeth in anticipation, so I will try to be expedient. Chew gum to pass time.

AND DID YOU KNOW…that people dream about our hosts? Fancy!

Updt 8/20: Waiting for the dub…

Aaaaaaand: If you or someone you know is a television show, movie, or musical act AND you think they would be honored/embarrassed to be featured/segmented on the Jubi Show, drop us a line/video/audio/baby at

Here is does it be!

Google Video Version

Brian draws a picture during the course of this episode. Click here for that picture.

August 10, 2007

Season 1 – Episode 7 – They Haven’t Even Found a Cure for Starcraft

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Had some memory problems last night and forgot to hit record before the show started and only noticed halfway through. Luckily our cameraman’s mom had taped the episode, so we have half at VHS quality [first half] and half at DVD quality [second half]. To compound things, I was unable to join the two encoded halves together…some BS about variable bitrates and other CS things that are important but annoying when you can’t make them work because of ‘standards’. Bleh.

Therefore, in the interests of availability, I have uploaded the episode in two parts and will post them when Google finishes encoding them yet again.

Such are the foibles of low-to-no budget production. Doesn’t help that our sponsor pays in product.

Here they be:

Updated with combined version. Sync may be off for second half, working on correcting.

Google Video Version Pt 1
Google Video Version Pt 2

Episode Sources

August 3, 2007

Season 1 – Episode 6 – 59 on 8 the Hard Way

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Google Video Version

Episode Sources

Bobby Batronic/Perfect Dating

Tay Zonday – Internet Dream

Ed’s Previous Visit

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