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February 27, 2008

Season 2 – Episode 13 – Kepler, The Pepper Himself

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Ep 12 is still coming. In the meantime, watch ep 13.

Google Video Version

February 20, 2008

Season 2 – Episode 12 – We Did an Episode Anyway

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Me and Brian went down there, and since Jamal was already there we did an episode ANYWAY. Even though we thought something else was going to be on. It might be awhile before it gets on the internet because the DVD recorder (and everything else apparently) didn’t work.

2/27/08 – Still working on it

3/6/2008 – DONE!

Google Video Version

February 18, 2008

Run it again, Sam. Or Don’t!

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Tomorrow night will be a repeat. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which episode to rerun?

UPDT 2/19 – I’ve been informed of interest of show continuance. Stay tuned for info, or for the show at 9PM on PATV 18. rawr.

February 13, 2008

Season 2 – Episode 11 – My Bile-balls Are Septic

Filed under: Episodes,Oops,Season 2 — Epsiodes @ 2:38 pm

Well, the internet streaming failed due to no audio, the Compix [graphics overlay] had to be restarted 8 times, and at certain points the sound went batty. And still it doesn’t look bad. Just ignore the dates and end credits.

Hopefully we will be able to figure out the bugs before next weeks show. Until then, have your Jubi and Show.

Google Video Version

February 11, 2008

Live Internet Jubishow?

Filed under: Plug,Season 2,Upgrades — Hans @ 12:27 pm

It should be happening tomorrow night! We will be testing out as a live feed provider. Check back here a little before 9PM CST for a flash embed and/or link to the stream.

Are the interwebs ready? I know is.

UPDATE – Direct link will be this:

We will also be embedding on this site, so feel free to use either one!

NOT HAPPENING. Sorry you’ll have to watch the google. Ustream’s not accepting our audio. Call the ACLU, Audio division!

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