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December 12, 2007

A Milestone

Filed under: Trivia — Epsiodes @ 10:47 am

On this day it was verified that we, a show called “The Jubi Show”, did claim the #1 spot for the search keyword “Jubi” in that monolithic entity known as Google.

Click here to see for yourself.

You helped make us the #1 source for “Jubi”. Thanks and Congrats.

Please now do utilize this area as a place for brainstorming, barnstorming, and connecting with singles in YOUR area.

UPDT 12/18/07 – We are no longer #1. 🙁

July 6, 2007

Error or Inevitability?

Filed under: Trivia — Hans @ 11:35 am

While preparing to release Episode 4, I came across some astonishing numbers in the Google Video ‘Reports’ section:

74 downloads yesterday?

We either have accomplished a marketing coup [without trying] OR succeeded in befuddling the Google bean counters. Either way, we win!

So, please keep inflating our numbers! And remember, sponsors are real, true friends.

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