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November 28, 2007


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There should be a show a WEEK FROM THURSDAY!  That’s like, December 6th or something.

November 16, 2007

New Shows Coming Sometime!

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Hi, I THINK we’re going to start shows again in 3 weeks?  I haven’t heard for sure, some of us are a bit busy right now so that’s why nothing is happening.  We’ll announce it right here when it’s going to go down!  I’m really thinking 3 weeks though.

November 2, 2007

Season 1 – Episode 17 – Season Finally

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Due to SABOTAGERY [Some body removed the audio cables from the recorder!] or maybe an honest mistake, the DVD copy had no sound so we have to generate from the DV tape backup. Availability looks like later this evening.

Until then, feel free to reminisce aboot the Season that Was.

Updt – Missed the man at the station, will try again tomorrow.

Updt 11/5– Somebody tried to upload it [Jake?] but the Google didn’t like the format, so we’ll have to try again. We really did do an episode, promise.

Updt 11/5 pt. 2 – It wasn’t me! I didn’t try to upload anything! Honest! –Jake

Updt 11/7 pt 9 – It was Jamma! He has passed a DVD renderization upon to me that I’m encoding now. You can count on it being available in the future! Talk to your doctor to see if the Jubi Show Season 1 Fine Alley is just fine for you!

This season finale begins here [when Google releases it…]:

Google Video Version

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