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December 30, 2008

Jubi Show Y2K New Years Eve Spectacular!!!! Live tonight at 9 pm central!

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Y2K CASUALTY UPDATE: Apparently the Y2K bug has killed my 30 gigabyte Microsoft Zune portable music player! At exactly the stroke of 12 am last night, all 30 gigabyte Zunes were rendered completely useless. HERE ARE THE DETAILS!!! When will the y2k madness end????

UPDATE #2: It works again. I just had to wait until it was no longer Y2K and the problem fixed itself.

December 23, 2008

Jubi Show 12/23/08

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Bert. Ernie. Satchmo. Davis. Farmer. Kennedy.


Eduardo Montelban

December 16, 2008

Jubi Show S5E02 12/16/08

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December 9, 2008

JUBI SHOW S5E01 12/09/08

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December 2, 2008

S4E19 – 12/2/08

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Poodles doing oodles of doodles of noodles say toodles to [blank].

Please fill in the blank while waiting for the episode to surface.

JAKE SEZ: WAIT.  Isn’t this episode 19?  Am I missing something who knows what I’m talking about.  ANYWAY, sorry I am so lazy.  I will get this and the last one up pretty soon.  For serious.

HANS SEZ: Yes Jake, it actually is ep 19. I just wanted to try and forget it and move on to 20. It’s like people with fears of certain floor numbers. Now I won’t be able to watch it. I hope you’re happy. As well, we WERE stopping seasons on the 17th/18th episode, but I guess that has gone out the window too. WHY IS EVERYTHING CHANGING?!?! I’m so scared…

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